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Facebook Shares How They Stalk You

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January 29, 2020

Ever just finished a conversation with someone, and you go back to your Facebook/Instagram feed to see ads or posts relating to that exact thing you just finished talking about?

Many people think that the Facebook app is listening to us all at all times. While it's not that creepy, it is incredible how much data Facebook collect on us to build a profile on everything from the coffee shops we visit, to the political parties we support.

Facebook is now giving us access to see exactly how much it knows about us. The "Off-Facebook Activity" tracker has finally been released, and will show you 180 days' worth of the data Facebook collects about you.

While you won't be able to clear your entire history with Facebook like in an internet browser, it is a handy way to un-link some of the businesses or organisations that are feeding data back to Facebook.

Logging in to look at this data for the first time can be a bit of a rude shock. I quickly found that 649 apps and websites had shared my activity with Facebook - all of which goes to crafting the content and ads that Facebook deliver to me on behalf of businesses using their ad platform.

To access "Off-Facebook Activity", go to your Settings on mobile or desktop, and under "Your Facebook Information" you'll find "Off-Facebook Activity".

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